What is Afropolitan & 55th?

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a space that connects African youth who are expressing and illuminating their cultures in new ways.

We have style, intelligence, convictions, ambition, creativity and a sense of humor — just like the trailblazing generation of youth that we count ourselves amongst. Our generation is undoubtedly a subset of the Millennials of the West but due to roots planted firmly in the motherland, we embody the famous Kwame Nkrumah quote “We face neither East or West, we face forward”

Definition of “Afropolitan”

Afropolitan, for us, describes a mode of expression that is well versed in and respectful of African cultures but does not deny the presence of other influences. Afropolitans are guided by tradition yet never bound by it.

Below is a video in which Ghanaian writer Taiye Selasi describes her 2005 article, “Bye Bye Babar (Or What is An Afropolitan?)” which served as a major source of inspiration for the creation of this website.

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