7 best tweets about Yasiin Bey’s South Africa arrest

If you haven’t heard Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def) was arrested on immigration charges last week in South Africa. He was arrested for using a World Passport, which is not a legally accepted travel document in SA (and basically every other country in the world)

The response online ranged from shows of support and sympathy to people saying he got what he deserved. Sample the Twitter conversation around his arrest below.

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Ventures Africa wrote a piece on the so-called complexities of travelling while Black. That produced these responses:


In an attempt to defend himself, Yasiin released a freestyle ‘No More Parties in SA’ via his long time friend Kanye West.

South African artist L’vovo and many others dismissed this freestyle as another example of American entitlement

Some even claimed that Yasiin should be privileged for a visa because he’s talented. One guy (humorously disagreed)

What do you think of Yasiin Bey’s legal troubles in South Africa? Should he be allowed to travel freely? Are the South African authorities over reacting? Do you think he feels to entitled?

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