African Love Is A Beautiful Thing

African Love Is A Beautiful Thing

THE African Playlist for Valentine’s Day. Our Afropolitan55 playlist travels throughout the African Continent taking stops in Ghana, Gambia, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria, and Angola. This playlists travels through different tribes, cultures and languages…but the common meeting point is love. Our Valentine’s playlist is for the lovers on the beach, the side jawns on the street, and the single people like me.


Honestly, this playlist is just good vibes!!!!Give it a listen and share with your friends and baes! Don’t forget to follow us on Soundcloud for more tunes.



7 best tweets about Yasiin Bey’s South Africa arrest

If you haven’t heard Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def) was arrested on immigration charges last week in South Africa. He was arrested for using a World Passport, which is not a legally accepted travel document in SA (and basically every other country in the world)

The response online ranged from shows of support and sympathy to people saying he got what he deserved. Sample the Twitter conversation around his arrest below.

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Ventures Africa wrote a piece on the so-called complexities of travelling while Black. That produced these responses:


In an attempt to defend himself, Yasiin released a freestyle ‘No More Parties in SA’ via his long time friend Kanye West.

South African artist L’vovo and many others dismissed this freestyle as another example of American entitlement

Some even claimed that Yasiin should be privileged for a visa because he’s talented. One guy (humorously disagreed)

What do you think of Yasiin Bey’s legal troubles in South Africa? Should he be allowed to travel freely? Are the South African authorities over reacting? Do you think he feels to entitled?

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The Ultimate AfroTrap song

A’won boyz is a trio from Brooklyn, U.S. whose sound can be described as new age Afro- Hip-hop. You might have heard their popular songs Pakurumo (Link) and Azonto (Link). Their latest release is a remix of Future’s “Commas” which they titled Commas ( Commas Come and Go). Their “Commas” remix is an official afrotrap banger that should be played at house party’s and clubs everywhere.

Fuji rock and watch the video below!

Who says Africans don’t do art? #ChaleWote2015 shows off African creativity in Accra

Since 2011, Ghana’s Chale Wote Festival has been an annual celebration of Ghanian art and creative culture in Accra that is one of a kind. It is a major attraction for creatives of all types from around Africa and the world. Check out some pictures below.

This festival showcased the breadth and depth of Ghanaian art, ranging from precolonial to postmodern themes and motifs. Media included sculpture, paintings, street art, performance art and musical performances.

Besides the art, the Accra street style was on FLEEK and art and fashion were often one in the same.

Mask game was hella strong at Chale Wote 2015.

One particular performance art installation caught many eyes, and we can see why.

From @chalewoteofficial: “Natascia Silverio x Dean Hutton x crazinisT artistT’s processions and installation questioned perceptions of identity, gender and human ability.”

If anyone still thinks that art is somehow unAfrican, or that Africans only do art for functional or religious purposes, think again.  Chale Wote is just another example of Africans doing art on our terms in ways that no one else is doing. 

Check out the #chalewote2015 tag on IG to see more fashion and art from this year’s festival.